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World Book Day Thursday 5th March

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On March the 5th, it is World Book Day (WBD). 

To celebrate this we are organising lots of activities in school, these include:

World Book Day £1 book token

Your son/daughter will receive a £1 book token during registration on WBD. If they don’t get a book token, please ask them to speak to their tutor or come to the Library on Friday.

From the WBD website: 

When your child gets their book token, all they need to do is to take it to their local bookseller (there are lots of them out there – and swap it for one of the FIFTEEN exclusive, new and completely FREE World Book Day books.

Or, if they would prefer, your son/daughter can use their book token to get £1 off any full price book instead. And if they would rather get an audiobook, that’s fine too! It’s your child’s choice, just as long as the book or audiobook costs at least £2.99.

Then all they have to do is take your book home and enjoy it.

The £1 books are also available in braille, large print & audio via Guide Dogs and RNIB. The World Book Day book tokens are valid from Thursday 27 February – Sunday 29 March 2020.

WBD in School

In school, we will have a small number of World Book Day books for the students who don’t live near a book shop. The books will be available at the Crossroads at break time on WBD in return for their token.

We’ll be holding a host of book related games in the library at lunch time.

Book Swap

On March the 6th, we are doing a Book Swap event for all years. Pupils can bring their good to v. good condition unwanted books to the library BEFORE or DURING registration on the 5th and the 6th of March. They will receive a receipt which they can use to swap for a book in the Book Swap event on the 6th of March at break or at lunch time.

Any non-swapped books will be donated to charity.

Parents/Guardians get involved!

We are always looking for fun ways to get pupils interested in reading. It has been established that one of the most influential ways of encouraging pupils to read is parents/guardians are seen to be reading. Please send in photos of yourselves with your favourite book/s or a book that you are reading now. We’d love to see what you are reading and share the pictures via displays and the school website. Please email:

Good Reads?

Some parents have asked where they can find out about good books for their children to read. There are a number of good websites (click on the links below), with more information and reviews:     


There are lots of websites out there that recommend books. I liked, but they are aimed at the American market so the covers are different, spellings are worrying, etc.


Happy reading!


Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Hazlehurst