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KS5 BTEC ICT – (Edexcel / Pearson BTEC Certificate)

This course prepares pupils with a mixture of practical and theoretical ICT skills, providing sound preparation for a range of jobs and university courses. The Certificate (AS equivalent) is awarded the end of Year 12, and the Extended Certificate (A2 equivalent) is awarded at the end of Year 13. 

Year 12 Certificate

1. Creating Systems To Manage Information (practical task) - 50% of the Certificate

This is a 10 hour task, arranged over a 1 week assessment period. The task is externally set & assessed by the exam board. It is completed on a computer and submitted electronically. Pupils will examine a given scenario and develop an effective design solution to produce a database system. You will then test and evaluate your solution.

2. Using Social Media in Business (investigation & written task) -  50% of the Certificate

You will explore different social media websites, and develop a plan to use social media strategies to improve the business.

Year 13 (Extended Certificate)

Both of the Certificate units above (now weighted at 25% each), plus:

1. Information Technology Systems (2 hour exam) - 33% of the total grade

You will explore the relationships between the hardware & software that form an IT system, the way systems work individually and together. You will examine issues related to the use of IT systems and the impact that these have on organisations and individuals.

2. Website Development  (practical task) —17% of the total grade

In this unit, you will review existing websites, use scripting languages or rapid application
development tools to design and develop a website to meet a client brief. Finally, you will
reflect on the website design and functionality using a testing and review process.

Topics Covered per Half Term 


Year 12

Year 13

Autumn 1


Social media websites
Business use of social media
Unit 3 Assignment part A


Digital devices that form part or all of IT systems.

Peripheral devices used with other digital devices to form part of an IT system.

Types of operating system

Emerging technologies

Choosing IT systems



Autumn 2


Posting Schedules
Preparing Content
Analysing social media usage


Online systems

Online communities

Threats to data, information and systems

Protecting data

Online services

Impact on organisations

Using and manipulating data

Moral and ethical issues

Legal issues


Spring 1


Unit 3 Assignment part B and C
Introduction to databases

Exam revision

Unit 1 – exam


Spring 2

Database skills
Practice database exams

Coursework section A – website research


Summer 1


Unit 2 exam prep
Unit 2 exam

Website creation.

Coursework section B&C – plan and develop a website.


Summer 2


Extended certificate introduction

Coursework section B&C – plan and develop a website. Exam resits as necessary