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Key Stage 5

AQA A Level Fine Art

Year 12

This is designed to be an experimentation and exploratory year with the emphasises of process over product. Students’ creative abilities will be tested through experimentation in a range of fine art media (painting, drawing and sculpture), and will incorporate the study of artists of their own choice from different cultures and periods. Producing sketchbooks for personal research and observations are key activities. Observational drawing is a key element to this course.

Year 13 

This builds upon the Year 12 experience. Students will be expected to produce high quality finished pieces of work based upon structured research and development. So the emphasis is product over process. Group projects will be introduced from which students will be encouraged to develop their own individual work.

Topics Studied per Half Term  


Term  Year 12 Year 13
Autumn 1 
  • Natural Forms - Drawing Skills
  • Figures and Faces - Artist Development
Autumn 2 
  • Natural Forms - Artist Analysis and Development
  • Figures and Faces - Final Pieces
Spring 1
  • Examination Preparation
  • Examination Preparation
Spring 2 
  • Examination Preparation
  • Examination Preparation
Summer 1 
  • Examination Preparation
  • Examination Preparation
Summer 2 
  • Figures and Faces - Artist
  • Analysis / Drawing Skills
  • Study Leave and final examination